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Gong bath at home

Enjoy a relaxing, restorative gong bath in the privacy of your own home. The sounds resonate at certain frequencies that harmonize any dissonants (eg. mental or physical blockages, imbalances, physical discomfort, illness), working on a cellulair level. 

Albert Einstein already concluded: essentially all matter is energy, vibrating at certain frequencies. All creation is vibration. Movement creates frequencies and frequencies create sound. Soundwaves have a tremendous effect on human functioning.

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When frequencies are out of tune (for example when we continuously ask too much of ourselves), pain, discomfort and even illness can occur. Provided it is being played correctly, the sonic resonance of the gong can be felt at a cellular level, making it the most profoundly healing instruments on Earth. The soundwaves support fysical and mental balance. The gong detects dissonants and transforms them into harmonics again. Moreover, a gong bath rejuvenates, relaxes and energizes. It restores body and mind.

Experiencing a gong bath feels like taking a bath, given that the waves are made of sound instead of water. A gong bath is experienced lying down on a mat (when this is not possible, you can also sit in a chair). Every session starts with a sweet little warm up and guided meditation, accompanied by sounds of crystal bowls, after which you can completely relax and surrender yourself to the healing frequencies of the gong.


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“The pain in my body disappeared after Lizz’s gong bath…
– S.R., Mallorca

Lizz Rosie’s gong baths are very relaxing, a special experience. I can really recommend it. The newsletters are inspiring as well. As a result I now practice breathing techniques.”
– Marion, Glimmen

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