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Services (Corporate):
~Training Mind Control Techniques: energy, focus, workflow, physical & mental health
~ Self-Mastery Mentorship: 1 on 1 training, focused on energy, self-mastery
~ Training Movum Academy
~ Training for Entrepeneurs and small businessess: energy, relaxation, breathing and vocal techniques, presentation

Services Private/Regular:
Gong baths have a profoundly deep, relaxing, restorative and revitalizing effect on the human body and mind. The Gong has the unique power to harmonize any dissonants – eg. blockages, imbalance, physical discomfort, disease. The sound waves can penetrate at a cellular level. Gong baths reduce stress and are used for pain-management, trauma-release, disease (cancer, Alzheimer, for example), as well as insomnia, depression, autism and chronic fatigue. Gong bath are revitalizing, refreshing and a great boost for the immune system. Regular gong baths at ‘De Bloeiende Lotus’ in Groningen. Get in touch if you’d like to book a private gong bath.

~ Events & Experiences

About Lizz Rosie

When I opened this Chinese Fortune Cookie in 2004, Byron Bay, it said: “You’re a bundle of energy. Always on the go.” That says it all. I still cherish this piece of paper in my wallet. I’ve experienced so many wonderful things and oftentimes consider myself lucky. I love life in all its brilliance and shittiness.

Hi! Je suis Lizz Rosie. I’m a coach, trainer and professional gong player. My roots are originated in education and various forms of expression (music, fashion, arts, dance to name a few). I studied at the conservatorium, art school and fashion school, among other things. I’ve worked in education for over 17 years. Apart from teaching itself I wrote many projects, worked on upgrading education systems, wrote many musicals and promoted/ curated cultural and artistic projects.

I traveled to expand my horizon and lived for a longer amount of time in Thailand and Mallorca. In Thailand I worked as a musician. I wished to live on an island in Southern Europe and was lucky enough my Kundalini-teacher Harijiwan invited me to come to Mallorca and teach yoga and host gong baths the RA MA Institute . On Mallorca I was also involved in the birth of company for conscious lifestyle Sadhana Works and did a couple of modelling jobs. It was during my time on this amazing island that I discovered the power of natural products. I started working with products from doTERRA and Forever Living.

In september 2020, back to Holland, I immediately started hosting wellness events and gong baths on special locations. I developed various trainings and coaching-programs for Self-Mastery and Expression. I support high performing professionals with the Self-Mastery Mentorship Program, am a Vocal & Breath coach and I’m your coach if you need help busting your BS and reconnect to your original blueprint with the program Original You. Finally, I’m a guest-teacher for several programs and host gong baths for retreats.

Do you want to know more, or just say hi? Go visit my socials or send an email to lizz@lizzrosie.com

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Gong bath

Enjoy an invogorating, restorative gong bath. The sounds resonate at certain frequencies; harmonizing dissonants (like blockages, imbalance, physical discomfort, disease), penetrating at a cellular level.

Self-Mastery Mentorship Program

Customized program for high performing professionals who wish to stay healthy and energetic in the long run, without having to cut back on their level of achievement, power and velocity.

Original You Program

This program is a unique combination of 1:1 coaching, Kundalini Yoga, numerology, meditation and various forms of expression. Especially designed for those who wish to reconnect with their Original Blueprint in these high demanding times. 

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