Wonderful Living

Wonderful Living offers programs
and therapy regarding well-being, work,
relationships and personal style:
Restorative gong baths, relationship-
boosters, work & well-being-programs
and the unique program
Style-Power, with attention to
the use of voice, body-
postures and dress. 

Welcome to Wonderful Living!

Let’s live a wonderful life!

Gong baths have a profoundly deep, relaxing, restorative and revitalizing effect on the human body and mind. The Gong has the unique power to harmonize any dissonants – eg. blockages, imbalance, physical discomfort, disease. The sound waves can penetrate at a cellular level. Gong baths reduce stress and are used for pain-management, trauma-release, disease (cancer, Alzheimer, for example), as well as insomnia, depression, autism and chronic fatigue. Gong bath are revitalizing, refreshing and a great boost for the immune system.

About Lizz Rosie

I am Lizz Rosie, teacher of Sound Yoga and sound-practitioner, with roots in education, arts, fashion, music and dance. I did my Kundalini Teacher Training at the RA MA Yoga Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology op Mallorca and that was the place where I also discovered the deeply healing capacities of the gong. I have been trained by one of the best gongplayers (if not the best) in the world: Harijiwan Singh Khalsa. By the end of my education Harijiwan suggested I should move to Mallorca and work at RA MA. He didn’t have to tell me twice. For one and a half year I lived and worked on this amazing island. Besides RA MA I also worked at Sadhana Works, a conscious lifestyle company.
Once back in Holland I was determined to share all the treasures I had collected over the years on my home ground. I called my business Wonderful Living, which (to me) exactly translates what the activities and experiences are all about.   

In September 2020 I started the gong baths in the Lutherse Kerk, Groningen. Shortly after Sound Yoga & Sound Massage followed.

I am very inspired to offer a wide range of Wonderful Experiences. I love to inspire others as well to step into their destiny and live a Wonderful Life!


Gong bath at home

Enjoy an invogorating, restorative gong bath in the privacy of your own home. The sounds resonate at certain frequencies; harmonizing dissonants (like blockages, imbalance, physical discomfort, disease), penetrating at a cellular level. 

Work & Well-being

We are living in a time that seems to go faster and faster, and in which technological modifications are changing rapidly. Burnout and bore-out rates are skyhigh and many people feel unsatisfied in their jobs. It has become crystal clear that current ethics and ideas about work have become very outdated…

Relationship Booster

Is your relationship in need of a fresh breeze, but couples-therapy is not what you’re looking for? Would you like to strengthen the connection between you two, or give it a new impulse? Are you looking for soft, yet powerful ways to realize that? Would you like to rediscover each other in a very pure way?

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