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Boost your energy with Kundalini Yoga Online and enjoy the delight of the invigorating effects of sound. A solid, effective practice to energize, cleanse and balance the glandular and hormonal system and increase your consciousness.  

Class is by donation.

Kundalini Yoga is suitable for everyone.

When: every Wednesday 19:45-21:00

Join class by clicking the reservation-button, which will lead you to Momoyoga. After registration you can purchase a pass of your choice and sign up for the class.
If the link doesn’t work, you can fill in the contact-form or send an email to lizz@lizzrosie.com

See you online!

Kundalini yoga is the mother of all yoga. It’s still relatively unknown, but increasing awareness rapidly. Up till about 50 years ago, Kundalini Yoga was solely taught in supreme circles, in total secrecy. Till Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West; revealing thousands of teachings in 40-some years.
Kundalini Yoga activates the dormant, creative and very powerful life force energy (kundalini) that resides at the bottom of the spine, coiled like a snake. The practice activates this energy in a systematic and effective way. It balances body, mind and soul. You will notice that you become more flexible, physically and mentally, which will give you the appropriate capacity to deal with stress, pressure and increasing velocity – traits of the time we live in. Kundalini Yoga works fast, efficient and often you will immediately notice the effects. 
Kundalini Yoga is a science and a technology. It will give you (back) the sovereignty of your life. Most people experience deep, life-changing effects. The quality of life increases in no-time. 

Before joining class, make sure to have read the disclamer (at the bottom of the page) first. 


Options and rates Kundalini Yoga Online

Online One

1x class € 13,-

Online Five

5x class  € 60,-
(valid for 2 months)

Online Ten

10x class: € 111,-
(valid for 4 months)

 “Even just listening to Lizz Rosie’s voice immediately brings me in a state of truth and love.
– S.J., Groningen

I release so much during Lizz’s classes. Very cleansing.”
– Kevin, Palma


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